Performance on Objective Parameters

An objective performance measure is a method of evaluating how well an individual, team or organization accomplishes tasks or goals. It's also known as key performance indicators (KPIs). Departments within an organization often set specific KPIs for employees relevant to their activities. It's important for performance to be objective because it emphasizes a fair and balanced process for evaluating employees or teams. Unlike subjective performance measures, objective measures eliminate potential bias from the evaluation process. Rather than relying on their personal opinions and feelings to assess an employee's performance, a manager often looks at quantifiable data.

This technique helps them ensure they measure all their employees using the same standards, making the process more fair and consistent. Employees might appreciate objective performance measures because the feedback doesn't feel personal, as it typically measures their technical abilities and skills.

POP ( Performance on Objective Parameters) mainly focuses on:
1. Quantitative approach
2. Fair
3. Independent
4. Reliability